1. Amputee and Adaptive Standing Tennis 
First Practice in Houston of our Amputee Tennis Program
Amputee Tennis History
Our first literature promoting our Amputee Tennis Class in Houston in 2015. Amputee Tennis   


American Jeff Bourns Player Biography for the USA TAP OPEN in 2018. The tournament featured some of the best Adaptive Standing Tennis players from around the world. Jeff was a player and an organizer of the event. It was the final Slam Bourns would play in before retiring in 2019 ranked fourth in the world in his category of play.
American Former Adapted Touring Amputee Tennis Pro Jeff Bourns player biography for the USA TAP OPEN
Jeff Bourns player bio for the Inaugural USA TAP OPEN 2016
Practice at West Gray
Team Babolat night At Houston’s Metropolitan Multi-Service Center | 2019


Amputee Tennis Practice
Coach Preston Pinto giving Instruction


Students and Activities during Tennis Practice
Coach Scott Carr goofing off with the class. We had a lot of laughs
USTA Adaptive Tennis Houston
Our class in 2015. USTA Adapted Tennis. Great memories. Photo Credit – Justin Tzou
Coaches Jeff Bourns and Preston Pinto getting their “Hulk” on with student Tray

Santiago, Chile TAP Masters Tennis Tournament 

First American Player to compete Internationally against players from around the World  / TAP World Championship Masters 
Serving in Santiago
Jeff Bourns and Benjamin Emanuel
Jeff Bourns and his good friend and strength and conditioning coach Benjamin Emanuel


Training Hard


Hard Work Pays Off

Brazil Open 2016

Players Representing their Respected Countries at the Brazil Open. Jeff was the only American competitor 
Jeff Bourns and Jorge Castro of Portugal at the Brazil Open. Great friends and hitting partners
In Brazil With friend Cristian Contreras of Chile


Amputee Tennis
Jeff Bourns representing the United States at the TAP Brazil Open 2016  
Brazil Open 2016
Jeff representing the United States for the Para- Sport Brazil Open 2016. He was the only American to compete 
Amputee Tennis Player
Jeff Bourns Bay Oaks Country Club 2016 | Amputee Tennis 


Photo Credits – Justin Tzou
Tennis is for Everyone
Amputee Tennis
 Jeff Bourns training Dionté Foster In Louisville, Kentucky
Jeff Bourns is an American Amputee Tennis player who is currently ranked fourth in the world, Category A. Jeff Bourns 2017 | Team Babolat and Just Train | Photography Credits – Justin Tzou

Photo Shoot 2016  | Photo Credits | Justin Tzou

Jeff Bourns is an amputee tennis player who plays on the TAP WORLD TOUR: currently ranked 9 in the World. Bourns resides in Houston, Texas and is an avid outdoorsman, father, and philanthropist.
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou | Amputee Tennis 
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou | Amputee Tennis Player

USTA Texas Executive Director Van Barry

Babolat’s Inaugural 2019 Hit Squad. My mates and I!


Amputee Tennis Player Jeff Bourns

Babolat Propulse Fury’s | C A N D Y

With Jason Harnett USTA Player Development
USTA Player Development Center with Damian Wright
USA TAP OPEN 2019 Team Babolat –    Thalita Rodrigues 
Babolat dressed and equipped with the best
2016 River Oaks Men’s Clay Court Championship – Pictured Katrina Adams C.E.O. of the United States Tennis Association | USTA
My Buddy Isaac. Or Big “I”
Jeff with his son Parker Bourns
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou
Santiago, Chile | Masters Final 2015
Fellow friends and competitors at Old City Hall Malmo, Sweden for the Malmo Open. The first time Standing Adaptive Tennis was played at a large Parasporting event in Europe. February 2018
Jeff Bourns 2016

2016 USA TAP OPEN | First International Standing Adaptive Tennis Tournament to take place in the United States

Finalist – Inagural CAST Open
Ivan Corretja. Great friend and incredible amputee tennis player and person. Wonderful family.
With great friend Ivan Corretja of Spain
With the Honorable Henry Cox, a Pioneer of Amputee Tennis | 2017 USA TAP OPEN
Cindy Benzon. Without her Advocacy and work Standing Adaptive Tennis would not be where it is today. A good friend
Jeff Bourns
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou
With friend Carl Mower at 2016 USA TAP OPEN
2017 USTA Annual Conference | Pictured USTA Texas Taylor Jones, Jeff Bourns, and Amanda Friday
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou
With Kent Ring of Sweden at the Malmo Open 2018
Photo Credits – Erik Paul
The squad! Isaac and Angelique Morales


With Japanese Friends at 2018 USA TAP OPEN
Photo Credits – Erik Paul
With great friend and training Partner Jorge Castro, from Portugal
Jeff Bourns of USA and Jorge Castro of Portugal. Training partners and great friends.
Jeff Bourns Preparing for his upcoming tennis match at the USA TAP OPEN
Jeff Bourns before the Inagural USA TAP OPEN in 2016. This tournament marked a historic benchmark in tennis as the first international tournament to be held in the USA for Adapted Standing Tennis professionals.
Inagural 2016 USA TAP OPEN Flyer. The event takes place in Houston, Texas allowing amputees and others with physical disabilities play tennis Standing without a wheelchair if they wish so.
2016 USA TAP OPEN | Photo Credits – Justin Tzou
With the late and International Hall of Fame United States Tennis Legend Dennis Ralston
Training With 1987 International Tennis Hall of Fame Inductee Dennis Ralston
Pictured with the Young King, Marc Krajekian
Family from North Carolina the Krajekian Family. Marc Krajekian is a great tennis player and young man 
Freedom Innovations Plie Knee
Freedom Innovations Plie Knee | Brazil 2016
With friends Dionte Foster, Wayne Luckett, and supporters of Team Dionte
2017 USA TAP OPEN with players from France and Japan
Amputee Tennis Pro Jeff Bourns
Return to Sender | Photo Credits – Justin Tzou | USTA NATIONAL TENNIS 
Amputee tennis player Jeff Bourns stretching to warm up for his match at the USA TAP OPEN
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou 2016 USA TAP OPEN 
Jeff Bourns and Sandra Giorgetta representing the United States at the Malmo Open 2018. Sandra was the second Tennis player to compete Internationally representing the United States 
Brazil and USA athletes. Jeff Bourns, Roberto Tuehlo and Matthew Bulow With friends Roberto Tuehlo and Matthew Bulow
Jeff Bourns and physical performance trainer Benjamin Emanuel II
Great friend – Professional trainer and former NFL safety, Benjamin Emanuel
Dr. Tyler Bowman of Kinetik
Francisco Cardoso, Jeff Bourns, Tono Solano, and Leonel Iknadiyosyan At the 2016 USA TAP OPEN
Camaraderie amongst friends and competitors from other countries.
With friend Enzo Amadei in Santiago, Chile. Executive Director of the TAP TOUR
Jeff and Enzo USA TAP OPEN 2018
Jeff Bourns
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou
Painting by Yui Takahashi. JASTA. An organization in Japan promoting Adaptive Standing Tennis. See image above
Jeff Bourns
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou
Isaac and Jeff
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou
Fun at the Abilities Expo Houston
With Friend Nico Basaez of Chile at the USA TAP OPEN 2017
With friends Shun Kishi of Japan and Damian Wright of the USA at the Inagural CAST Open. Started by John Hizer
With Richard Herskovitz at the 2019 USA TAP OPEN
Friends at the Brazil Open
Jason Kedzierski and Jeff Bourns. Jason got Jeff started with Babolat. He is a great human 
With friend and CAST founder John Hizer
Coached by Irwin Montalvo
Life is Good
Night of Superstars escorting Dustin Stallberg
Photo Credits Erik Paul
Photo Credits Justin Tzou
USA TAP OPEN 2018 – Photo by Scott Carr 
With friend Erik Lof of Sweden. Amazing player and person
Cynthia Barclay of Austria And I joking around 

Friends from Texas and Japan exchanging hats at dinner.
With Ken Shibatani of Japan at the US TAP OPEN 2016


The best of friends, from Chile. Their first time to travel to the United States of America
The best of friends, from Chile. Their first time to travel to the United States of America
With friend Harald Von Koch of Sweden
Friends from Chile
A legend. Tono Solano
First Adaptive Standing Tennis booth allowed at GateWay to Gold
Paralympics Passport Stamp
Photo Credits – Justin Tzou
Learning skills in tennis that translate into helping live life as an amputee
US TAP OPEN 2016 – Photo Credit Paul Ryan
With Josephine Sullivan
With the Austrians at the Malmo Open in 2018
San Antonio, Texas Clinic 2017.


With friends from the United States and Japan Touring NASA in Houston.