This website was created in 2016. At the time it was designed as a source to help market, raise awareness, and as a blog for Adaptive Standing Tennis. Adaptive Standing Tennis is an emerging category of tennis that was originally organized and founded by Enzo Amadei of Santiago, Chile. As years passed this website has been updated and has changed format. The website was created by Jeff Bourns. For the meantime it will be used as a space to store the history, past articles, blogs, and photos about the modality of tennis. Please share what you read and see. The more we know we grow.

Group photo of the Masters Final TAP that took place in Santiago, Chile December 9-11, 2015.

Personalized Contract Work

We Specialize in working with individuals with Challenged Mobility and love for the game of Tennis. This includes Tennis Teaching Professionals and Organizations looking to learn more about Adaptive Standing Tennis.

Jeff Bourns working with adaptive tennis player Dionte Foster in Louisville, Kentucky.

We use tennis as a tool to rehabilitate and help offer transition guidance in life. Our mission is to promote personal wellness and transitional guidance for Amputees and others with differing abilities and circumstances through tennis.

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