Our Mission

Our mission is to promote personal wellness and transitional guidance for individuals with differing abilities and circumstances.  We accomplish this through adaptive sport, inclusion, mentorship, educational and transitional guidance, and by providing, where needed, adaptive programming, equipment, and teaching techniques.

We specialize and work mainly with amputee youths , their families, ages 4 – 17 and young adults.

Teaching Tennis Professionals & Coaches | Adaptive Ambulatory Tennis Educator 


As Adaptive Standing Tennis continues to grow and develop teaching tennis pros will be eager to learn how to coach and teach an amputee tennis. There are many intricacies to be taught. Energy expulsion, lateral and vertical movement, which leg or area of the body to apply force to move to send and return and set back up under control. In addition to these intricacies, in his experiences Jeff has found teaching pros eager to learn about the prosthesis itself.

What types of knees and feet are best on the court? How do other players play and coaches coach around the world? How do we find players and advertise our program? What types of verbiage should we use when addressing players? These are all common questions we can assist you with as well.

We work with a great extensive team of National and International well respected professionals. Some of which include tennis professionals, sports performance trainers, medical professionals (physical and mental), and in Adaptive Sport.

If you would like more information or would like to be included in a registry for updates on Amputee Tennis events both domestic and foreign, please fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you.