About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at the Jeff Bourns Foundation is to actively serve the adaptive community through a variety of programs. We specialize in organizing events, social gatherings, adaptive sport, transitional guidance, and providing financial assistance for those in the adaptive community looking to further their education.

Our Purpose at the Jeff Bourns Foundation is to provide networking, resources, active coaching, and advocacy for the adaptive community.

Our History

The Jeff Bourns Foundation was formed through the life experiences of our founder, Jeff Bourns. With over 38 years experience of using a prosthetic leg to navigate through life Jeff was born missing his right tibia bone. Jeff took his first steps on a prosthesis at the age of two.

The Jeff Bourns Foundation CARES

Compassion – We are always available to listen in the spirit of empathy, love, care, and support.

Aid – use of information, resources, and talents to best serve the adaptive community.

Respect – the privacy and integrity of the adaptive community is in our best interest.

Excellence – Through performance in advocacy.

Service – always putting the needs of others first.

Support Us – Our focus is on the people, we will be in the community!

Jeff Bourns working with adaptive tennis player Dionte Foster in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Jeffrey Bourns Foundation is a 501(c)3 Foundation. EIN number-

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